ADIFA is enriched by the diversity and collaboration of its members.

GIRP (European Healthcare Distribution Association)

ADIFA has been a full member of the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP) since May 2017. Founded in 1960, GIRP is the European non-profit association that represents the national associations of full-service pharmaceutical distributors, as well as some of the largest European companies in the sector, bringing together more than 750 full-service pharmaceutical distributors from 34 European countries. GIRP’s members employ around 140,000 people and, through more than 1,200 logistics platforms, guarantee the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products to more than 200,000 pharmacies and healthcare professionals.

Considering the objectives, mission and vision shared between ADIFA and GIRP, there is a significant added value in the collaboration between the parties, enabling an active sharing of information and concerns, as well as closer relations with similar associations, with a view to contributing to and developing European policies.

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CIP - Portuguese Business Confederation

CIP – Confederação Empresarial de Portugal is an employers’ association that represents more than 150,000 companies, which employ 1.8 million workers and are responsible for a total turnover that represents 71% of GDP.

Its mission is to defend the national business fabric, with autonomy and independence, in Portugal and in the world. It is a structure that believes in an open economy, based on knowledge and innovation as the engine of economic and social growth. CIP advocates a dynamic economy, based on increasing productivity and competitiveness, in which opportunities, growth and prosperity are shared by all, and to which everyone contributes.

It currently sits on the Economic and Social Council and the Standing Committee on Social Dialogue, as well as the European Economic and Social Committee, giving its members a voice in the main political, economic and social institutions.

ADIFA has been a CIP member since March 2021.

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Dignitude Association

The Dignitude Association is a Private Social Solidarity Institution, founded on November 4, 2015, which, for the first time in Portugal, brings together entities from the social sector and the health sector with the main objective of developing solidarity programs that promote people’s quality of life and well-being.

The first project developed by Dignitude is the abem Program: which aims to guarantee access to medicines for all those who need them, removing economic and social barriers for the less fortunate. The ten principles of the abem program: solidarity, aggregation, nationality, permanence, universality, security, fairness, transparency, anonymity and inclusiveness.

As part of its Social Responsibility program, ADIFA has been an effective member of the Dignitude Association since October 2017.

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VALORMED, created in 1999, is a non-profit company responsible for managing waste from empty packaging and discarded medicines (Waste Management System), which is the result of collaboration between the Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmaceutical Distributors and Community Pharmacies, taking into account the specific nature of medicines as waste.

ADIFA members have been an active part of the VALORMED project and, in this sense, ADIFA has been a formal member of VALORMED’s management since 2020.

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MVO Portugal

MVO Portugal – Associação Portuguesa de Verificação de Medicamentos (Portuguese Medicines Verification Association) is a private non-profit association set up on August 4, 2017 by the sectoral associations of the medicines sector in Portugal, including ADIFA – Associação de Distribuidores Farmacêuticos (Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors).

MVO Portugal is the national entity responsible for the implementation and operationalization of the National Medicines Verification System, following the provisions of Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 6, 2001, as amended by Directive 2011/62/EUof the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, 2011 and by the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161by the Commission on October 2, 2015. Following the publication of the Delegated Regulation, Decree-Law no. 26/2018 of April 24 was published, transposing the provisions of European legislation into national law.

As a Full Member of the association, ADIFA is represented on the Board of MVO Portugal, actively participating in the implementation and operationalization of the Portuguese Medicines Verification System (PtMVS).

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