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Confidence in pharmaceutical distribution

Every day, pharmaceutical distribution contributes to the Portuguese people’s access to health technologies that are essential to their well-being and quality of life.

It is a very well prepared, rigorous, efficient and modern sector.
It has 27 logistics platforms distributed throughout the country, which ensure a daily supply of around 1 million medicines and other health products to the 3,000 pharmacies, hospitals and other health facilities in our country.

Committed to its public health mission, the pharmaceutical distribution sector plays its part every day in making the most diverse types of medicines, medical devices and health products available to the population in a timely, appropriate and safe manner.

The sector’s importance to society also extends to the creation of multiple employment opportunities, with 2,250 employees directly working in it.

This activity also makes a significant contribution to territorial cohesion by ensuring fair supply throughout the country.

Our commitment to society also involves promoting environmental sustainability, through the energy transition underway at the various logistics platforms, the dematerialization of processes and the promotion of initiatives aimed at reducing its ecological footprint.

ADIFA, on behalf of its members and in close collaboration with health authorities and partners, strives for a pharmaceutical distribution service of excellence, to the benefit of the sustainability of the pharmaceutical circuit and the population’s access to medicines and other health technologies.


Nuno Flora

President of the ADIFA Board

Enhance the role of full-service pharmaceutical distributors

The Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors (ADIFA) is a non-profit association, formally established on February 21, 2017, which represents full-service pharmaceutical distributors.

A full-service pharmaceutical distribution company is understood to be a distributor legally authorized to carry out its activity on national territory, which complies with the good distribution practices established by the regulators.


ADIFA aims to bring medicines and health technologies closer to people with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, quality and safety

Core Partner

A key partner in promoting public health through the constant search for better logistical solutions and services applied to the distribution of medicines and health technologies.

Suitable Promotion

Promotion of an adequate legislative and economic framework for the continuous supply of all types of health technologies to pharmacies located throughout the national territory, without exception or differentiation.

Anticipation and Political Intervention
Anticipation and political intervention in potentially disruptive processes in the health technology value chain.
Commitment to excellence: these values ​​guide every action

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ADIFA's mission is to raise awareness of the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Portugal ADIFA's mission is to raise awareness of the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Portugal ADIFA's mission is to raise awareness of the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Portugal
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dedicated to pharmaceutical distribution.

With in-depth commitment and knowledge, we optimize pharmaceutical distribution, guaranteeing access to essential medicines.


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